Web socket and HTTP(s); Intro to simple differences

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In telecommunication a duplex communication system is a point to point system composed of 2 or more connected devices.
And it can be:

  • Full-duplex system, simultaneously or bi-directional at time
    Screenshot_2021-04-20 Duplex (telecommunications) - Wikipedia(1)

  • Half-duplex system, communication is one direction at time
    Screenshot_2021-04-20 Duplex (telecommunications) - Wikipedia

HTTP 1.1, HyperText Transfer Protocol is a Half-duplex system.

So writing chat applications using i.e. LAMP Stack, (Linux, Apache, Mysql & PHP), it involve:

  • Actively sampling the status of the server (Polling) for changes
  • Keep track timestamp and
  • It’s slower than it should be.

Socket have traditionally been the solution for real-time chat application are architected, supplying a bi-directional (Full-duplex) communication channel between the client and the server. It actually use the URI format.

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This is just a start to wrap your mind around in case you want to understand how socket.io

It also contains very helpful examples

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