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I have developed two IntelliJ/Jetbrains IDE plugins both are available in the IDE marketplace and both are Git related. In this article I will introduce both plugins and go over the usage stats Jetbrains provide.
Both plugins are Git related. When I started to use IntelliJ our team was using subversion and we had a lot of tools/scripts/workflow actions done by some long gone members of our team. When we switched to Git, we needed to redo all of that. In my free time I created few plugins to help us with our issues. In the end those plugins were really successful in my team and as I did those in my free time I made those available to the public.

Gitlab Projects

Our team decided to use GitLab as our git provider. I created this plugin to provide some basic integration for GitLab and IntelliJ. It was listing projects in the checkout dialog, listing merge requests (with simple code review tool), allowed creation of new merge requests. There were two huge issues. Supporting all the different GitLab instalations was first one. Every other company had some different setup, in the end the setup dialog to add new server was very complex and most people could not add new server. Second issue was that IntelliJ keeped chanign how the Git integration worked. During two years there was like three completely different versions of how to list projects to checkout. For these reasons and that I no longer work with GitLab I decided to no longer support the plugin.

As of right now there is 197,977 unique downloads.

Downloads over time
over time
Downloads by product
by product

Git branch cleaner

Second plugin is just small utility to remove unused branches. You create a feature branch, pull request, merge the pull request and you are left with branch with no existing remote on your locale. This plugin will go over all yours branches, detect those without existing origins, list them with check boxes and ask you if it should delete them. Simple. But it does saves me a lot of time.

As of right now there is 15,845 unique downloads.

Downloads over time
over time
Downloads by product
By product

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