Bootcamp Java Developer Day #5

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Day 5:

I was on the second topic of course 6 “Basic Development in Java” when I got a version incompatibility. It was the same problem I had last year when I was building a service in Java EE. So I uninstalled everything Java related (I had like 7 java versions installed) and performed the steps of Installation and Environment again.

In addition, I bumped into a problem when I tried to stop the applications of the second topic using IntelliJ. I decided to run and stop the applications using the terminal so I can avoid this issue.

6) Restarted: Basic Development in Java

  • Topic 1: Java – Installation and Environment

Today I only installed the following:

  1. Java JDK
  2. Gradle Build Tool
  3. Apache Maven
  4. IntelliJ Idea!

Installed wrapper to Gradle and to Maven.

  • Topic 2: Java – Project Creation

I started two projects using Spring Initializr, one in Maven and the other in Gradle. Executed both of them in IntelliJ and on Command Terminal (and found errors.)

  • Topic 3: What we need to know about Java?

It was a summary about Java, how it compiles the code, javac, bytecode, java virtual machine, the java versions, *.java and *.class files. At the end, it was shown how to create, compile and execute a file in java using the command line.


public class Hello {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
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