100DaysOfCode, Rd 3, 100% Completed*

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*100 days were recorded, this post recaps the last 66.667% of the challenge, first third recap is recorded here. My initial plan was was to recap each third with a post but with a two month hiatus for a group project, it was easier for the last bit to go into one last push instead.

Now where were we…through the month of January, I continued on through finishing up the data structures and algorithms section of freeCodeCamp. Technically, I could have finished up the certifcate to submit, but the last challenge it felt I cheated a bit when even self explaining and writing out my “cash register” by looking at a lot of hints, I would prefer to circle back around and write it out myself.

Nearing the end of the month, I was reviewing React and preparing to join the fourth cohort of the The Collab Lab! Thus began the hiatus for this group shopping application that took up about two months. I learned so much more working in a dispersed team to pair program, check in with mentors, weekly deadlines, demo-ing and presentations on so many topics! Even though I had an immense sense of imposter syndrome, primarily as the only one who had not gone through a boot camp, my win for this project was provide help where I could, ask for questions when stuck, and learn from my week’s pair programming set up. Huge props to mentors who stepped in and made this a well safe space to fail if we did.

On a career related note, a couple weeks into this cohort, I got a promotion at work! This began a whole new level of juggling multiple tasks and things to learn. The next life curve ball was even bigger, the project ended at the same time lock down began for the state and we’ll leave it at that. From here, I took a much needed mental break from any coding for a bit to attempt to ease my mental state to get back on the horse with a fresh new goal in mind for the end of the challenge.

To switch things up for the remaining half or so of the challenge I wanted to do more side project work, somewhat similar to the shopping list the cohort had made but instead I called ‘watchlist.’ As an MVP (minimum viable product), I wanted it to have a user track what TV shows or movies they want to see and share their list with others. I am a bit of a Netflix binger and love to chat with people about different shows, so marrying a ‘hobby’ as a side project would make it a bit more fun.

I knew there was an available tutorial I could use as a base for a fullstack MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node) type set up, where I was able to get that base up and running, the next tasks of refactoring proved to be a bigger challenge than expected. My next goal was to convert the component based app to functional/React Hooks based and would frequently get stuck. From then on, I kept going down rabbit holes of tutorial hell to find the “right answer” to help with this project, ultimately, I scrapped it for a bit but have come back to begin again now that the challenge has ended.

To take a break from my JavaScript frustrations, I began to learn some Java basics to get a leg up on troubleshooting and reading code for my job. I took a look at W3Schools, Codecademy, Intellij Academy and found a YouTube playlist that was the most helpful explaining the syntax. From there, I found a project based Udemy course to work on till the end of the challenge and I’m still finishing up the last bit. It was a nice feeling to see the basics easily carried over from JavaScript type concepts with some tweaks to know what is going on; it was refreshing after all the React/side project troubleshooting issues.

Now that the challenge has ended, I’d say my main overall goal was reached as in, I did reach the 100 days of recording on my log and worked to develop a somewhat consistent practice; it’s not like others 100DaysOfCode, but it works for me!


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